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It's your first day onboard the VASA Space Station. But the ship has broken down and the crew is missing. Repair the station to bring its systems back online while uncovering the cause of the incident.

SAFETY PROTOCOL is a narrative driven, environmental puzzle game that lets you explore an eerie space station while chatting with the stations AI. 

Reactivate the hidden fuse boxes to increase your power supply. Distribute the power to the different areas inside the station to unlock new paths letting you delve deeper into the story.

SAFETY PROTOCOL is a student project made in 7 weeks at Futuregames Higher Vocational Educations in Stockholm, Sweden. The team included Sebastian Lund, Edward Sedelius, Lena Sonnbrink, Fredrik Bohlin, Jonathan Stanford, Josefin de la Motte, Elliot Rosing, Gwangyeong Yun, Erika Henell and Axel Nilsson.

Release date Jun 23, 2020
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsEdward Sedelius, Zentrick, beerika, de la Motte, SailorSimba, Gwangyeong Yun
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Exploration, Horror, Multiple Endings, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Safety_Protocol.zip 453 MB


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unexpected ending, great game

im going to check this game out, hope its gonna be good

A Very interesting Experience. A Thought Provoking Game, Especially considering the times we live in! A world full of ChatGPTs. 

A Must play - check out my walkthrough and my thoughts about the endings. 

Way cool atmosphere, really enjoyed the premise and old-school sci-fi horror aesthetic. Did a speed run to get the other ending too lmao. Thanks!

Hey, thanks for an interesting experience with Safety Protocol! I am not a native Engish speaker, so forgive me for poor quality of language. Also, it seems it took me x2 times longer than others to complete it, ha-ha. Here is how I played it: 

Thank you! I think about an hour is the average playtime we’ve seen so far, so no judgement :)

This was a really REALLY good story and the atmosphere really sets up the scene. I love seeing developers such as Edward Sedelius focus more on dialogue than mindless run and gun. Do not skip on this game!!

It's yoou! You're awesome! <3 Thanks again!

Wow loved the whole game. Its well made great concept and above all great gameplay. My only thoughts are we don't really see anything in terms of the merge of man and machine but over all great game hope to see more of your dev skills. Also if you want to see more and my reactions check out the vid. 

Thanks for playing and uploading on Youtube! We appreciate your feedback. :)

Happy to with such an amazing game. Keep it up :)

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Most games have a crouch. This game has a crawl, which I appreciate. Although you still make footsteps while crawling. Hmm...

EDIT: I've finished the game now. A couple of bugs and other problems I ran into. First, the framerate drops to a crawl in the greenhouse. But the second problem was actually much bigger. Potential spoilers, but once I got past the server room and to the message terminal before the final console, the one with the floppy disc labeled "Access Codes" next to it on the desk, the game kind of glitched out. The sound stuttered and "hung" for a moment and then returned to normal. However, my screen just stayed frozen. My computer was not locked up. I could alt-tab to my desktop. But in the game I could still push movement keys and the flashlight and I could hear myself walking and clicking the flashlight on and off, but the screen was still frozen at the terminal. Pressing ESC apparently brought up the menu because moving my mouse I could hear the tones of mousing over the menu options, but again the screen still showed the terminal. I had to force close the game and restart and unfortunately it doesn't seem like the game has any support for saves at all so I had to start over again. This bug did not occur the second time through.


Sorry, it started out as a crouch and it completely slipped my mind to change the sound after changing it to be a crawl! Nice catch!

That bug sounds freakyyy, I've literally never seen or heard of it before :o I can guess kind of where the bug arises but no idea why lol hopefully it was a one time thing ^^

Thank you for playing our game and for giving it a second chance after it broke!

I was that close to the end, I had to see how it finished! Even if I figured it out much earlier. ;)

Aside from that bug (hopefully it was just my computer having a seizure and not something in the game) it was really good. I certainly enjoyed it.

Still sucks that that bug occured so close to the end! Did you get to try both endings too at some point?
I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed the game, thank you so much ^^

I whish I could have uploaded this sooner, but incountered some issues when rendering the audio. But here it is, my playthrough of this fantastic game! It reminds me somewhat of the Alien futureristic artstyle, and takes me back to playing Alien Isolation. The quality is top notch, and the gameplay too. The fact that this game was scary without the use of an actual moving entity is astonishing. Great job, lokking forward to your future projects! 


Thank you very much for trying the game. We're super glad to hear that you enjoyed it!